About Spacehive

Spacehive empowers people to shape their towns and cities by crowdfunding projects that make local places better – from street murals to hanging gardens on old railway lines and bustling street markets.

Not only can people now efficiently and transparently fund change in their local area by using our crowdfunding platform, we partner with the public and private sector to bring over £2.2 million in extra funding to our projects, from the likes of The Mayor of London and Liverpool City Council to the Arts Council and Veolia.

Our business model has two elements. We collect a 5% fee from all successful projects, which funds the core crowdfunding platform and support we provide to project creators and backers. We also offer a range of partner services including consultancy and community activation.

Our journey so far

We’ve spent 6 years designing and testing a radical concept that works technologically, culturally and politically. During that time, 800 projects worth £15m have been delivered and each year our impact is more than doubling.

Originally a London centric business, we are now scaling nationally, becoming the platform that people, businesses and government use to transform the fabric of communities. In the future, we think our model can scale internationally too.